Essential Business Wear Every Woman Needs To Own

Fashion is no more just restricted to the house of brands. In the last decade, we saw a change in the face of fashion through street shopping, flea markets, digital platforms, and other channels that brought different styles and made them accessible at affordable prices to the masses. Everyone has now developed their own sense of style, which helps portrays their personality. Office wear, however, has become part of our everyday wear. We spend a minimum of 8 hours at work, almost 5-6 days a week.

While many corporate offices have a basic professional dress code as a part of the uniform, many sectors and industries have uniforms specifically designed and tailored for their staff by uniform company Dubai.

The dress code or uniforms doesn't stop women from styling them up, tweaking a bit, and turning outlooks every day. With a range of options available at our disposal through different channels offering various style options, it gets confusing to choose what to buy.

Essential Business Wear Every Woman Needs To Own


The beauty of tops, collared shirts or tee is that you can pair them up with trousers, pants, skirts and sport different looks every day.

The knitwear is totally in this year and works great in sporting formal look yet being very chic. Good pastel palette tops can work as blouses for your skirts and be formal if paired with trousers or denim. Collared shirts really add up the professionalism in the attire.


The pencil skirt, fish-cut skirts, and the usual knee-length formal skirts can be a very good addon to your wardrobe. You can wear it to your work and give pants a break while portraying a classy and colourful look. It accentuates your personality and makes you look very pleasing and appealing. The skirts can also be paired with casual tops or blouses, and you can easily transition from work to evening gatherings with them.


Formal Dresses

Every woman should have at least a couple of dresses or formal dresses, either with very light patterns or one that maintains a monotone that looks very sharp. You can also get breezy dresses with formal cuts and shapes according to your personality. The dresses are comfortable to wear and carry.


There's nothing more comfortable than pair of denim with a nice light top or a blouse for a woman. It would be best if you had a pair of formal trousers, pants and denim. Suppose you pull the look together, whether, with a blouse, top or a shirt, you can talk business and mean business. You can finish your look with a shoe, heels or sneakers, and you are ready to go.


Certainly, a must-have. Overcoats, trench coats or a jacket is a big YES depending on the weather and geography of where you are. But coat adds a real flavour to your overall look.

To Conclude

While maintaining a dress code is quite easy with these essentials, you can also tweak and infuse your style in the uniforms. In fact, the uniform supplier in UAE is now getting in on the fashion-forward trends and design more comfortable, stylish and customized uniforms. A lot of women would surely admit that they actually look forward to dressing up for work. Honestly, that is the enticing bit of our mundane cycle. More than fashion, it's about comfort and representation of who you are. We all want to look sharp; there's no doubt about it. As they say, dress the part you play!