Our Terms and Conditions

General Information

This section includes conditions ruling your usage of Triburg Uniforms’ site and services that cover all the orders placed or processed for any product or service. Any exceptions to the mentioned terms are invalid unless approved and agreed by Triburg Uniforms in writing.

Triburg Uniforms holds every right to alter these terms. In case of any changes made or new additions to the existing terms pertaining to usage of Triburg Uniforms’ site and service, you will be informed and sought approval for the same to continue your association.

Usage Rights and Regulations

Triburg Uniforms holds sole rights to every intellectual property and other interest in and to its website and service, apart from user-generated content. Usage of the Triburg Uniforms site does not entitle you to any rights, title, or interest.

You are only authorized to revocable rights to view and download the information permitted for any form of non-commercial and personal use only.

Any interference with the Triburg Uniforms website using malicious programs, viruses, or technologies for causing loss to the hardware and software is prohibited.


An order placed using Triburg Uniforms’ website indicates a customer's binding offer for availing a sale, service, or materials offered by Triburg Uniforms.

Triburg Uniforms holds sole rights to reject any order by providing proper notification to the customer accordingly.

An order is considered as completed whenever the shipment agency delivers the product to the customer's address mentioned in the shipment agency's records.

Triburg Uniforms is free to choose any shipment agency suitable for the order delivery convenience. By placing an order, the customer is expected to pay the standard shipping charges, notified on the checkout page, applicable according to the order value and delivery destination.

Pricing and Payment

All pricing details, if any, shown on the Triburg Uniforms’ site are final and include 5% VAT prescribed under the UAE law.

The final order value to be paid by the customer will be inclusive of the shipping costs, service charges, and sales taxes, if any, mentioned at checkout and on the invoices.

Triburg Uniforms is entitled to sub-contract trusted third-party payment service providers for enabling transactions.


Triburg Uniforms does not assure or warrant the usage of the site, and service will be purely compatible with your software or hardware configuration and uninterrupted.

Triburg Uniforms reserves rights for collection and usage of your information with regards to the privacy policy acknowledged by you for using Triburg Uniforms’ site.

By using Triburg Uniforms’ site, you agree that Triburg Uniforms cannot be held responsible for any form of damage incurred while using the site or service.

Following the standard industry changes and alterations in our technical processes, Triburg Uniforms may make fair deviations in the information mentioned on any of its catalogs or documents regarding material, weight, color, design, or other features.