2021- What's Trending In The World Of Hospitality Uniforms?

A sharp uniform is a crucial part of the service-oriented industry and the hospitality industry. From SME's to big business organizations, every company either has a uniform code (rarely a case) or a company-provided uniform (mostly the case).

A fair representation of businesses in the food and hospitality industry is not all about hospitality wear, but it plays an important role as per the research. Providing good service, being polite to the customers treating them professionally and making sure everything is done right is part of the role and job function of staff; it may also reflect on the decorum of the organization. However, uniform stands not only for representing the company but also works as a brand identity in the workspace and represents the image and the quality of the organization itself.

Since the uniform plays such an important role in representing your brand, let's see what's hot in the world of hospitality uniforms and how you can infuse style with your brand identity.

2021- What's Trending In The World Of Hospitality Uniforms

Welcoming and Affable

The first impression is important in the service industry, no matter what the postmodern liberals say. When you are in an industry that is all about catering and rendering services to the consumers daily, you require a welcoming and affable uniform, ensuring that the clients and customers approach you easily and find it comfortable to do so. On the other hand, your crew should also feel comfortable since they have to be functional on the floor while in it. So, this year, a breath of new air is floating in the uniform style where people are going in for more comfort and ease with style.

Fashion-Forward And Out Of Square

The hospitality industry is an interesting, enticing industry to be in. It has to be relevant to the current trending fashion in the work sector. Apart from the logo, people are really going forward with unique styles, customised uniforms with outstanding eye-pleasing colours, prints etc. You can work around a lot to be part of the ever-changing trend by amalgamating your company's message, motto, signature, etc.

Fashion-Forward And Out Of Square

Style With A Statement

The style statement of your company is establishing your own visual voice in the industry. There are many options like easy-going yet highly professional, fun and breezy, colourful and eye-catching, a calm palette with a bit of class etc., whatever works best around your brand. If you plan to re-brand and declare a statement that becomes the constant reminder to your customer that which house of brand your staff belongs to, your style statement does matter a lot and takes you a long way. The season's hottest trends include tailored and chic style with oversized buttons, belts, ties, buttons, badges, scarfs, chinos, coats, formal pastel palette etc.


Gone are the days where aprons were dismissed and considered to be a big fashion disaster. It’s coming back, and how! There’s a lot to play around with the aprons design, cuts and length, along with brand placement. Aprons are also considered crucial in establishing a style statement and stating that we are hygienic, clean, safe and have our own individuality.


The majority of the companies are going green! Sustainability is hot and trending because it's eco-friendly. The sense of causing less harm and contributing to the environment just by a small change is great right now. The fibres used for making uniforms are natural and durable. What are you waiting for? This year be responsible and go green with style and call your uniform suppliers in Dubai right now!

To Conclude

The hospitality wear in 2021 is going chic, evolving with trends becoming relevant, fashion-forward and eco-friendly. What about your hospitality wear? Is it visually ready to scream loud and make an impression yet!