Logistics Division:

Triburg Freight Services (TFS) was established in 1995 through the Group's UAE sourcing unit's need of a reliable supply chain for its apparel products. TFS soon became the Group's core business, providing 3PL solutions to a myriad of customers.

TFS has earned its reputation as a reliable Supply Chain Solutions provider of Freight Forwarding and Customs Clearance, Warehousing / logistics, Specialized Inventory management, Transportation and Value Added services. We’re experienced in handling various kinds of products from Apparels & Accessories, HPC Goods, and Electronics, to Dry Food products, FMCG, and Spare parts.

Today we have over 200 full-time warehouse staff and we store more than 40,000 CBM of cargo at an accuracy of at least 99.7%. Customers can check on the progress of their orders at every stage through electronic tracking, accessible through their Triburg Online account. Our advanced logistics management technologies – including fully-integrated, radio frequency inventory management create significant benefits for our customers.

Analysis of ordering patterns enables accurate restocking, thereby lowering overall stockholding costs without delaying fulfillment. Stock requirements can be forecast by month, assisting cost control and budgeting. World-class logistics reduce our costs, and we pass on those savings to our customers.